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The clock is ticking and the stakes are high. Quick: Do you know what to say in a crisis?

Here's the secret: customers, shareholders, employees and other key audiences want to hear three main messages from you and they want to hear them in a particular order.

By understanding 2 basic rules of human nature, and by answering 3 key questions, you can craft key messages that will allow you to respond effectively to any crisis in real time.

After 30-years as a business communicator, I have perfected a formula that can help you be ready to respond to any crisis. Now, you can devise and deliver effective messages to lead your organization when they need you the most.

Inside this crash course, you will find a narrated presentation with all the information you need to predict, prepare and practice for a crisis. You’ll learn a proven formula to devise and deliver effective crisis messages in advance or even on the fly.

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